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You have found your way to a website that is loaded with resources for life and ministry. My name is Mark Tittley and I am the senior youth pastor of Encounter Youth (the youth ministry of Every Nation Rosebank in Johannesburg, South Africa). My mission in life is to be a Christ-Follower who resources family, friends and next generation leaders. You don't need my permission to use anything on this site - you have it already! God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others in His kingdom.
Here is what you will find on this site:
The Articles page contains links to articles that have shaped the way I approach youth ministry.
The Productivity page contains information on getting things done with as little stress as possible.
The Strategy page contains information about developing a disciplemaking youth ministry.
The Leadership page contains information about developing leaders for ministry.
The Seminars page contains notes and presentations for seminars that I have created and delivered.
The Programs page contain resource for teaching and programming in ministry.
The Worship page contains material for understanding and leading worship in youth ministry.
The Promo page contain sample resource for promoting the youth ministry and advertising events.
The Sermons page contains messages I have preached using multimedia.
The Summaries page contains notes on relevant books that I have read in recent years.
The School page contains strategy and resource for working in local schools.
The Links page only links to pages that provide free and significant resource for ministry.
The Search page is a search engine to allow you to search this site to find a specific resource.
The About page lets you know who I am, where I minister and my interests.
The Photos page contains photos of my family, youth ministry, church and city.
The Contact page gives you a way to connect with me.
This is not a normal website - there is not much content to read online. It is a library of resource material that you can download, adapt and use in your ministry context. The files are mostly Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or PDFs.
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Permission is granted to anyone to download, print or distribute these documents for personal or ministry use as long as they are not sold for financial gain.