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Leadership for Youth Ministry

Leadership Development Track - A free online leadership resource I created to develop youth leaders.

8 Leadership Lessons From Nelson Mandela - An article by Richard Stengel on what we can learn from Mandela.

12 Elements of Great Managing - Twelve strategies for creating a great working environment.

12 Elements of Great Managing Survey - A spreadsheet I created to evaluate how I lead my staff.

Accountability Questions - A list of great questions to ask in a mentoring environment.

Coaching Questions For Yourself and Others - Great coaching question by Bill Price.

Creating an Environment for Student Leadership Development - Insights on developing leaders in a youth ministry.

Deep Ministry in a Shallow World - Notes from Kara Powell on how ministry must and can go deeper.

Discover Your Giftedness Summary - A summary of a book by Mels Carbonell on how to find your spiritual gifts.

Finding and Developing Volunteers - Insights into finding and developing adult volunteers for the ministry.

Four Change Leadership Practices From President Obama - Insights on leadership from President Obama.

How to Make Meetings Productive - Insights into leading better meetings.

Leader Expectations - A set of expectations we created for our adult leaders at igniteYOUTH.

Leading Effective Meetings - Insights into leading effective team meetings.

Leading Team Meetings - Insights into leading meetings with a contemplative approach.

Manager Tools Basics - Download the Basics podcasts exploring 1 on 1s, delegation, feedback, coaching.

Managing Responsibilities - Guidelines on how to handle reponsibilities that we delegate to people.

Mentoring: Being With Young People - An approach to mentoring that seeks to journey with youth to maturity.

Mentoring: Developing Your Relationships - Insights into how to grow a relationship in the context of mentoring.

Mentoring: Setting Goals in a Relationship - A challenge to get more intentional about our mentoring.

Mentoring: Taking It Deeper - Deep insights into mentoring from an expert in the field.

Ministry Portfolios - A description of the job descriptions for leaders and team members in our ministry.

Performance Appraisal Questionnaire - A questionnaire used at igniteYOUTH to evaluate staff development.

Performance Appraisal Sample - A sample evaluation form.

Secrets of Team Leadership - A superb article on team leadership by Dave Ferguson.

Staff Development Articles - Three different articles on leadership development.

Team Evaluation - An indicator I created to determine whether a team is on the way up or down.

Equipping Youth For Ministry - A paper I wrote on equipping youth for ministry.

Becoming an Effective Leader: A presentation about leaders as Servants, Shepherds and Stewards:
Notes - The Notes for the Leadership Module.
Becoming an Effective Leader Index (6mb) - The PowerPoint for the Index to the Module.
Becoming an Effective Leader Session 1: Servant (8mb) - The PowerPoint for the Leader as Servant section
Becoming an Effective Leader Session 2: Shepherd (17mb) - The PowerPoint for the Leader as Shepherd section
Becoming an Effective Leader Session 3: Steward (5mb) - The PowerPoint for the Leader as Steward section
Understanding People
Understanding Yourself and Leading People: A presentation to young teens about personality styles:
Understanding Yourself and Leading People - The Notes for the Leadership Module.
Understanding Yourself and Leading People (7mb) - The PowerPoint for the session
Relational Ministry
Relational Ministry: A presentation that takes a fresh look at the relationship/program debate:
Relational Ministry - The Notes for the session.
Relational Ministry (14mb) - The PowerPoint for the session
Prophetic Ministry
Prophetic Ministry: A presentation about ministering prophetically among youth:
Ministering Prophetically - The Notes for the session.
Ministering Prophetically (4mb) - The PowerPoint for the session
Good to Great
Good To Great: A presentation about moving from good to great in ministry:
Good to Great - Notes from a book by Jim Collins.
Good to Great (2mb) - The PowerPoint for the session
Download the fonts for presentations! Check out my tutorial on using Videos in PowerPoint.
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