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Time Management:
17 Interviews with David Allen - Read 17 interviews with GTD author David Allen
GTD Podcasts - Podcast from David Allen in Getting Things Done.

Madison Jone's Time Management Links - A great selection of links to articles on time management.
Experts Reveal Their Best Time Management Tips - A fantastic round up of time management secrets.
A Students Guide to Effective Time Management - Thanks to Peyton Clarkson for the link to this great page.

Manager Tools Basics - Podcasts on tools for leading people: 1on1 Sessions, Feedback, Coaching, Delegation.
LeadershipNow - A great website filled with articles, thoughts and blog all about leadership.
All Things Workplace - Steve Roesler's blog is filled with insights about leaders - read his posts on Coaching.
Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership - A journal by Regent University School of Global Leadership.

Creative Ideas Blog - The author of Creative Ideas blogs about youth group ideas here.
Icebreakers for Youth Events - A great website with numerous practical programming resources.

52 Youth Programmes - A great resource by Debbie Austwick from Westville Baptist Church.

52 More Youth Programmes - A second resource by Debbie Austwick from Westville Baptist Church.

Model of Youth Ministry - Some years back I created a website known as the Commitment Level Model of Youth Ministry. It is now hosted at this site. You can download it as a zipped file (2mb).
Leadership Book Summaries - Read quality leadership book summaries for free with registration.
Plugged in Online - Stay up to date with movie and music reviews at this site.
Youth Ministry Architects - Mark DeVries, author of Sustainable Youth Ministry, has some practical articles and templates available for download - including articles, sample mission/values statements and org charts.
Brad Huebert - Brad's writings on hearing the voice of God and grace are profound!
Introduction to Generational Theory - Graeme Codrington's detailed introduction to generational theory.
Passing Values to the Next Generation PDF - Presentation Slides by Graeme Codrington for His message.

FLV to AVI - The best software on the market to convert flash files to MPG to play in PowerPoint.
FLV to MP3 - The best software on the market to extract audio from a flash file or a dvd to listen to.
Irfanview - The best freeware image manipulation software on the web for PC users.
Free Fonts - Da Font is a great site to find free fonts to use in your presentations.

Blogs I Follow:
All Things Workplace
Authenticity Rules
Collection of Crumbs
Cranking Widgets
Emerging Youth
Greg Boyd
GTD Times
Lead Quietly
Life in Student Ministry
Movements that Change the World
Our Daily Blog by Jim Laffoon
Rethinking Youth Ministry
TomorrowToday's Blog

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