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I am passionate about Getting Things Done - about being productive in my life and ministry. Here are some resources that I have developed that will help you increase your levels of productivity and reduce stress in your life.
Time Management Logo Time Management Part 1:
The first part of my Time Management seminar focuses on a top-down approach to time and life management: identifying your Mission, Roles, Goals, etc. It is inspired by the writings of Stephen Covey in his books: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First.
Presentation (3mb)
Time Management Logo Time Management Part 2:
The second part of my Time Management seminar focusses on a bottom-up approach to time and life management – looking at Next Actions, Projects, Responsibilities, etc. It is inspired by the writings of David Allen in: Getting Things Done and Making It All Work.
Presentation (8mb)

An updated Presentation delivered to students at WITS University in Johannesburg in March 2010.

Life Management Logo Managing Your Life and Time
Here is the latest seminar I have developed and presented which integrates the approaches to life, time and action management into one system.
Presentation (23mb)
Notes Handout
Charts Handout

My GTD System is a paper based approach to Getting Things Done that I have developed. It consists of printable pages to use as lists that track your next actions, projects, agendas, etc.
My GTD Blog Posts is a collection of blog posts that I wrote to describe in detail the various aspects of my approach to Getting Things Done.

Weekly Planner.doc is a one page printable weekly planner.

Getting Things Done Summary is my summary of the Book by David Allen entitled: Getting Things Done.
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