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Promo for Youth Ministry
This page is a sample of the administrative or promotional elements that have been created at His Youth.
Church Calendar Church Calendar
The starting point for all our planning is to consult the church planner for the year to ensure that our youth ministry does not work in opposition to the wider church body.
Download Sample: Church Calendar

Term Program Term Program
We plan one term ahead in detail at present - this is a MS Word document that we use to schedule all the youth events. This term on a page gives us a birds eye view of all the events, which helps us to ensure that the flow is right and that we are not scheduling too many consecutive high demand events.
Download Sample: Term Program

Term Preview Term Preview
At the start of each term a presentation is show to highlight all of the events that will be experienced during the coming weeks of the term.
Download Sample: Term Preview (12mb)

Weekly Announcements Weekly Announcements
At each Grow event a presentation is shown to highlight the events that are taking place in the up coming week (including regular weekly events on Fridays and Sundays) as well as special upcoming events.
Download Sample: Sunday Announcements (5mb)

Tithe and Attendance Records Tithe and Attendance Records
A MS Excel spreadsheet is used each week to record the tithes and offerings that are received and to record how many teens were present at the Sunday morning service.
Download Sample: Tithe and Attendance

Church Promo Insert Church Promo Insert
Each quarter, we ensure that some form of promotional writing is included in the church newsletter that all church members, visitors and families receive. This ensures the youth ministry is kept in the minds of people.
Download Sample: Church Promo Insert (2mb)

Newsletter Newsletter
A double-sided colour printed newsletter is created each term and is given to teens to share with their parents. It includes a schedule of all the upcoming events for the coming term and articles by youth staff with pictures capturing the past term's highlights.
Download Sample: Newsletter

Term Events Handout Term Events Handout
Each term the teens receive a schedule of all the upcoming events for the term on an A4 colour printed page.
Download Sample: Term Events Handout

Volunteer Promo Volunteer Promo
When new volunteers are invited into the youth ministry, a special event is organised to introduce them to the ministry and share ways in which they can serve.
Download Sample: Volunteer Promo (26mb)

Parents Report Parents Report
Periodically, a special event is organised where parents are invited to a special report with refreshments. This presentation is used to introduce parents to the ministry and invited to partner with the leaders in impacting the lives of their teenagers.
Download Sample: Parents Report (24mb)

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